Shearer Determination

Overnight, a bag packed with fishing gear sits at the door in preparation for the day ahead. Long before the sun rises, it is carried out the door and lifted into the back of a pick-up truck, that will carry it down winding gravel roads. Once it arrives alongside a … Continue readingShearer Determination

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Breaking the Ice

Every year anglers dread the snowfall and the quick buildup of ice on river banks. Some pack away their gear for the winter months and break out the tying vise; However, Paula Shearer can’t bear the thought of leaving the water for four months of the year. When you tell … Continue readingBreaking the Ice

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The Test Tube Trout

Hatchery fish have been the centre of controversy for years, and there have been many different arguments from both sides. For the most part, anglers are against the introduction of hatchery trout, opinions that are backed by scientific studies. A lot of stocking in Canada started with British colonization. When the … Continue readingThe Test Tube Trout

Trout Spey

Trout spey is becoming an increasingly popular way to fish for trout. This form of fishing often refers to fishing for trout with a two-handed rod, frequently a switch rod, and uses short heavy heads such as Skagit and Scandi. Usually, trout spey is an effective method of fishing streamers and … Continue readingTrout Spey