Winter Angler

Click the link to see my month-long photo essay Winter Angler with an Alberta angler. Megan Merlihan finds comfort in standing in the Bow River in Calgary during below freezing temperatures. For her, it is not about the fish that she targets with her fly rod, but the peace she … Continue readingWinter Angler

Stranded fish catch a ride back to the Bow River

A great opportunity for education and to restore fish back to the river The outdoors community came together in Caresland, Alberta on Oct. 22, 2017, to save fish trapped in irrigation canals, restoring them to the Bow River. “We don’t really know what effect there is on populations caused by … Continue readingStranded fish catch a ride back to the Bow River

The Test Tube Trout

Hatchery fish have been the centre of controversy for years, and there have been many different arguments from both sides. For the most part, anglers are against the introduction of hatchery trout, opinions that are backed by scientific studies. A lot of stocking in Canada started with British colonization. When the … Continue readingThe Test Tube Trout